All On-Set photos now available!

View and comment on your favorite photos from the movie YOU made possible.

Another update with interviews, Carolla rants, and some movie magic secrets. 

Another opportunity to come on set!

We are looking for Audience Members to voluntarily participate Road Hard on 5/9.
This promises to be an entertaining activity and a chance to witness a most exciting project.
If you are interested and available, send an email to
Make sure to include your:
* Full Legal Name
* Phone number
* Recent picture (In body of email. No links please)

This event will be filmed - so you must agree to have your likeness potentially appear in the final result of the project.
Only those who apply are eligible to attend!

On Set Albums Updated

Added days Four, Five, and Six to our Flickr account! Go check them out! 

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scottbordelon asked:
Mike, Is the digital screenplay PDF available to the backers yet? If so, how do I access it?

The Screenplay will be available for download when the movie is released. 

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roadhardmovie asked:
When will the movie be ready for screening?

We are currently planning screenings for Mid 2015

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roadhardmovie asked:
I paid $2500 for a non speaking role in the movie. It looks like you are now accepting volunteers for the same thing, Am I missing something?

Those backers who have ‘non-speaking’ roles in the film will be given a VIP experience on set including: Lunch with cast and crew, choice placement in the scene so you end up on camera, and much more! 

Let The Sharing Commence!

You Spoke - We Listened

Many have you have requested that we remove the password protection on both the BTS photos and #BackersBlog video so you can share with your friends or just view on the go. SO….
Starting today everything is unlocked for your viewing pleasure!
In the future, we will be releasing content to Backers 1st via email and then posting on the site.
Enjoy and give some feedback.

** A Message From Adam Carolla **

Hey Roadies,

Just a quick update from the set of Road Hard.  Filming has started and it’s going great.  Well, pretty great.  Of course I’m finding shit to complain about, but how could I not.  It’s totally confusing shooting scenes out of order and despite repeated demands my script pages - we call them sides in “the biz” - aren’t getting highlighted.  

You can hear about all that and pretty notable fuck up on the podcast that aired yesterday.  I won’t ruin it, I’ll just say it involved David Alan Grier and some cue cards.

With that in mind I appreciate you putting up with the shortened shows and guest hosts.  You guys ponied up a lot of cash for me to make this movie and I want to do you proud.

So keep checking in for updates on  We’ll be posting pics and updates from the set and a weekly blog.  


P.S. - Why don’t you hop over to the patent troll defense site and check out the new rewards, including a chance to hang out with Jay Mohr.  We’ve still got a long way to go on our fight against the troll and need all the help we can get.  And don’t forget to tell your podcast loving friends.


The 1st of many to come. Stay tuned for updates on whats happening on set and some interviews with cast and crew. I promise that I won’t blink as much in future updates.


Road Hard - On set!

See all the photos that have been taken on set thus far!  



Video or Text ?

Hey Backers

I have a ton of photos and interviews that I want to share with you but I want to find the best way how. My initial thought was to write out a weekly blog for you but since there is so much content, what about a video blog?
Give me your thoughts in the comments and let me know how you want to be updated and what type of content that you would like to see as we film YOUR movie!
-Mike Altier

Filming has begun!

Our first day has gotten off to a great start! Our first scene just wrapped without a hiccup and we are going right into the second. Stay tuned for more behind the scene photos and interviews

Our tech meeting with Kevin Hench

Our tech meeting with Kevin Hench

Finishing up some props for Mondays shoot.

Finishing up some props for Mondays shoot.